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RATING: $+++

Elvis Impersonator, David Allen
Rodeo City Music Hall, Mesquite

Tonight was fun.  It was definitely something "different" to do.  We saw David Allen, who is an Elvis impersonator.  He sang mostly Christmas songs and all Elvis songs.  He was pretty good and the audience loved him.  Seems like he has a lot of people who follow him around.  The show was only $15.  Good thing I had some cash on hand because it's cash only.  I usually don't carry much cash, so that would have been interesting!

The Rodeo City Music Hall was very quaint.  The chairs were comfy and the stage was a decent size.  The Hall is in downtown Mesquite and easy to get to after you pass all the Dallas traffic to get there.  The room had the feel of a high school auditorium. 

Happy Travels!
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