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Embassy Suites San Antonio Airport
SeaWorld San Antonio
San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio, if you live within 7 hours, is a great weekend getaway.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites near the Airport.  This hotel is a fantastic "economy" hotel.  They have a great indoor pool and Jacuzzi with decent hours.  The hotel rooms are huge -- you get TWO bedrooms.  One with a king-sized bed and TV, and one living room area with a pull-out sofa and TV.  Every day, you even get to enjoy a hot buffet breakfast -- FOR FREE.  Every evening, you get to enjoy a cocktail reception with FREE DRINKS AND SNACKS!  We love Embassy Suites, especially when you're on a budget!  We booked on Rovia and saved about $14 per night.

We went during Christmas weekend, so everything was decorated beautifully.  For Christmas eve, we spent the day at SeaWorld San Antonio.  SeaWorld is a great place for all ages.  We have Platinum Passes there.  It's a great investment if you plan on going two or more times per year.  There's LOTS of walking involved, but wheelchairs (standard and electric) are available, if necessary.   You get to act like a child all day, our favorite thing to do.  See stingrays, sea lions, sharks, sea otters, killer whales, dolphins, fish, penguins, puffins, and so much more!  We highly recommend seeing every show; they're AWESOME!  Do NOT miss the "Clyde & Seamore Show" or any of the "Shamu" shows.   If you're going to have more than one drink, buy one of the plastic refill cups, and then your refills are only 99 cents each -- with an additional 20% off, if you're a Platinum Pass member!  The great thing is that you can bring that same cup back to the park year after year -- so lots of savings there!  Although, it's pricey, we love to do "Dine with Shamu," but it was closed for the winter :-(

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a must when you're in San Antonio.  It's so much fun just to walk around the river and check out the restaurants.  We took the Riverwalk Cruise -- another must!  It is open 365 days a year, and it's only $8.25 or less per person!  You will enjoy a great 30- to 45-minute tour around the Riverwalk.  You may want to do that before going anywhere so you can check out exactly where you want to go.

We can't wait to go to all these places again!

Happy Travels!

Leisure Travel Consultants,
Andrea & John Walen

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